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Tasting Events

As a team of foodie fanatics, our team of event planners come with a big passion for tasting events and a drive to create one-of-a kind epicurean experiences.


Planning & Ideation

How many? How big? Who? Where?  When? and what about drinks?
Let's chat about what we know works and what doesn't.  Ways to make your event stand out from the pack and really make the impact you are striving for.


Restaurant Communication

Need help wrangling restaurant chefs and managers?  Friendly stalking is our specialty!  We can work  a little magic to get that form, logo, menu information, make sure it is organized for tracking and continually work with you partners to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Sponsor Management

Meticulous tracking drives our teams ability to manage all sponsorship deliverables with out skipping a beat, or should we says skipping a logo.  No logo inclusion or program ad is missed on our watch!

Food Samples.jpg

Systems Development

We thrive on efficiencies and understand the importance of streamlined system in the event planning process and on-site.  Our vetted protocols and procedures result in happy event participants and guests!

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Branding & Promotions

Off-brand is not an option around these parts!  We not only love to develop impactful brand designs but we ensure your brand is represented effectively throughout your event.

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