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It all started on the streets of the Gaslamp...

McFarlane Promotions, Inc. is a high-design event planning, coordinating, and production company that creates unique festivals, corporate activations and immersive community experiences. With over 25 years of creating a wide variety of events and campaigns, we are capable of coordinating and seamlessly managing everything from national festivals to intimate team building retreats to virtual conferences.  We become an extension of your team to ensure you exceed all of your goals and targets!


We have handled multiple stages of live entertainment, parades, VIP areas, and over 100 vendors while creating an epic experience for over 100,000 attendees. With a specialty in permitting and logistics, we have shut down entire neighborhoods and transformed entire venues from the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

We are also pros at creating dynamic corporate experiences of all sizes from internal company meetings all the way to elaborate branding and sales-generating activations.  With a deep understanding of experiential marketing and corporate planning, we have executed large scale campaigns across the Country (and online) for major tech firms, nationwide associations and corporate brands.


As a master in events of all sizes and intentions, our team of expert fundraisers can be your key to planning the season's most talked about gala, awards dinner, virtual auction and more.  We take the gnitty gritty details off of your plate so that you can focus on donor cultivation!

Our event-based innovations are all backed by our marketing creativity and media mastery.  From Public Relations to Digital Advertising to buzz-worthy social campaigns, we're out-of-the-box thinkers that know how to get your message crafted, stamped, sealed and delivered to your target audience.

McFarlane Promotions is committed to turning your vision into a completed project that surpasses all targets for success!

LJCDE 2020 MP Team
A Night of Steampunk Auction Team
La Mesa Oktoberfest MP Team
All Star Game MP Team
Gaslamp Gala MP Team
Sanford Burnham Gala MP Team
All Star Game Pillows at MP

Our award winning team consists of some of the top talent in the industry who integrate seamlessly with your internal team.

Laurel McFarlane

Laurel McFarlane (she/her/hers)


Laurel offers her clients over 20 years of hands-on event planning experience and relationships. With a flawless reputation in the community for executing the most popular and prestigious events, Laurel offers her clients her creativity, contacts and most professional attention to detail.  As Founder and President of the San Diego Event Coalition, she is a leader in the industry and always spearheading new trends and innovations for her clients.

Favorite Place to Travel: Nicaragua 

Random Fact:  I married my high school sweetheart

Nickname:  Lo or Lo Dawg

Jenna Thompson

Jenna Thompson (she/her/hers)

Director of Operations

Jenna brings a tremendous background of knowledge in both production and promotions. Her eye for style and current trends is obvious in every project, and her attention to detail is what elevates her events to be top-notch.  Thriving on systems and efficiencies, the meticulous care she has for each client and project is highly admired.

Find Me on the Weekend:  Doing yoga & hanging with my dog

Favorite Binge:  Shameless

Favorite Place I’ve Been:  Bali

Ciara Johnson

Ciara Johnson

Event Manager

Ciara specializes in client services and event production. She has extensive experience in all aspects of event coordination and logistics. Offering clients 10 years of hands-on expertise, Ciara is adaptable and easy to work with. She contributes inventive and unique ideas as well as possesses excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills.

Find Me on the Weekend: Hanging with my family and watching my sons sports games

Random fact: I have been sky diving in Hawaii

Early Bird or Night Owl:  I'm a total night owl.  Don’t even try to talk to me in the morning until I have had some coffee 😉


Kacie Bluhm (she/her/hers)

Event Manager

With over a decade in the industry, Kacie has extensive experience in planning and executing nonprofit, marketing, and corporate events. Warm, friendly, and fun, Kacie prioritizes building meaningful relationships with those around her.  She is a creative pragmatist, always looking for new ways to approach challenges and invigorate events.


TV Show I Watch on Repeat: Schitt’s Creek

Random Fact: I used to live in Australia

Favorite Quote: “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell me about it.” -Mary Oliver

Estefania Cerda

Estefania "Steff" Cerda

PR & Marketing Associate

Estefania (Es-the-fuh-nee-uhh) or Steff for short specializes in Public Relations & Marketing on the McFarlane Promotions, Inc. team. Possessing the ability to derive unique insights into any marketing plan or challenge, Steff assists our clients in maximizing event and brand awareness through compelling media campaigns and storytelling.

Favorite Podcast:  Crime Junkie

Doing on the Weekend:  Roller Skating by the beach!

Role Model:  Amal Clooney


McKenna Jensen (she/they)

Event Assistant

McKenna (or McK for short) has a passion for planning and engaging with the community. With the ability to work well with others and an eye for organization, McKenna offers a unique set of fresh eyes to the McFarlane Team. Whether the event is big or small, they’re always excited to create a perfect experience for everyone.


Fun Fact: I’m 1 of 9 siblings

Favorite Place I’ve Traveled to: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Useless Talent: I can speak double talk (basically gibberish) in English and Spanish

Kevin Flatt

Kevin Flatt

West Coast Sales

Kevin's charismatic sensibility leaves an impression on every person he encounters.  His extensive network of talent is the foundational base for his entertainment booking expertise.  His skilled communication skills are integral to every aspect of McFarlane Promotions work.

Favorite Band:  The Smiths

Most Likely Be Ticketed For:  Skateboarding

Favorite Drink: Michelada

Edwin Decker

Edwin Decker

Head of Vendor Relations

Ed has worked in the special event and festival business for over 20 years having coordinated and/or managed everything from vendors, stages, bars, staff, security and entertainment. He is ferocious multitasker with a focus on client satisfaction. He’s also pretty good at chess.  


Favorite Seat on the Airplane: Aisle seat in the exit row.

Favorite Unconventional Food Combination: Potato chips and sardines inside a Roast Beef Sandwich. Don’t judge me! 

Most Valuable Lesson My Mother Taught Me – “Eddie,” she said. “There’s nothing in this world that’s free.”

Wild Flowers
Taylor Kahle

Taylor Kahle

"HER LIFE WAS AT A HIGH POINT. It was all good, and she was VERY HAPPY. So when I keep thinking about how much I miss her, as hard as it is, I like to think she left this world on a high note. Without any of us truly being able to control our destiny, or fate, I don't have to look back and say I would have lived my life with her any differently. TAYLOR AND I WERE AWESOME TOGETHER! And that is the memory I will carry with me the rest of my life." (From Taylor’s dad)




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