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How to be Successful Working from Home

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Work from Home (WFH) might have hit the spotlight at the beginning of quarantine but it’s obvious that this superstar of the pandemic will be making headlines well past 2020. With major tech companies like Square & Twitter announcing plans for long term WFH options and small businesses now having the infrastructure in place to facilitate telecommuting, we are going to see more flexibility with how and where employees are able to work.

As someone who has been headlining the WFH circuit since 2013, I like to think I have spent the last 7 years training for quarantine. And, while it definitely has its cons (isolating, blurred boundaries..), there are several tricks I have found that help keep me focused & efficient and that make the perks of WFH (no commute, flexibility to work from anywhere..) completely worth it.

Set up a dedicated work space. While working from bed can be tempting, creating a dedicated desk space to keep you focused and on track is key. Get a nice deck chair and work on your posture and productivity simultaneously. Win win.

Take dedicated lunch breaks. It’s important to give yourself time to reset so when you are working, it’s efficient. Breaks are crucial to resetting the brain and can also assist in creativity as you come back to your screen refreshed.

Choose to spend your breaks getting out of the house. Go on quick walks around the block. Even running a quick errand can help you feel connected to a world outside your small apartment.

Create a morning routine where you do all of your tasks around the house…Then be done with that and switch over to a dedicated work mode. It is easy to be distracted by house chores so put away that load of laundry before sitting down at your desk.

Get dressed for the day. You don’t have to wear business attire but change out of your pjs. (And c’mon, let’s try to keep it pro-fesh, at least from the waist up if you’re on a video call.)

Limit distractions. You might be thinking the greatest perk to WFH is that you can catch up on the Real Housewives, but please no TV on in the background. Choose a space to work that is away from others that might be home and from distracting household tasks. If silence is distracting to you, choose a low commitment podcast or playlist.

If someone else is home with you, set ground rules. Let them know your work hours and when you are taking breaks. Kids at home too? Try syncing your peak work performance hours to their online learning.

Mix it up, at least once a week. Avoid the monotony that can come with a shared work/live lifestyle. Make sure to step out of your routine at least once a week…maybe trade in your home brew for a drip coffee from your local coffee shop.

Now, these are the basics you should be doing in your WFH life but if you’re looking to level up your game and shine professionally as a WFH employee, check out our 6 Things to Make You the Boss of WFH!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenna Thompson

Jenna is a mountain based Yogi with a love for veggie focused foods. When she's not in Warrior Pose you can find her spending time with her Avalanche Rescue Dog Luna with a Matcha Latte in hand!



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